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At Chromatick

We love to design. Design What? Everything that can be produced with sound and colour. 

We believe in helping our clients ascend with our solutions, that are especially crafted with an understanding of every note of their business.

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When we Brainstorm, we call it Jamming. We innovate, improvise, think forward, and come up with a solution for you.


Designing is like playing an instrument or even a game. Designing is work, and work is play. Let’s start recording!


Presentations are actually performances. Maybe a rehearsal or the grand finale. You are the audience, the world our stage!


Meetings are too formal. Neither do we have graphs, nor huge files. We prefer to keep it fun, casual and simple. Let's stop by for a session!

Look who's playing...

Rashi Singhal

A graphic design alumnus of école intuit lab, but a MBA by behaviour. Rashi is the most organized creative person you would meet. While her papers are well stacked, her mind wanders places. An artistic hand with a business brain!

Chirag Bhatia

"Mr. Sound" is what he's called. Chirag learnt sound designing from SAE, Dubai. He has an ear for smallest details. So, don't pick his call at inappropriate places, cause he'll know exactly what you're upto!

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