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Our clients...

are like a family! Every one who comes on board becomes a part of Chromatick! We understand every note of your business and then craft solutions which match your requirements.

Branding: Logo Design

Niti Singhal, Milan, Italy

Paani Foundation (Sub-Brand), Mumbai

64Pass, Dubai

Asha's Restaurant, Bahrain

Dum Biryani House, Bahrain

Palanqueen, London

Procure and More, Toronto, Canada

SB Fabcare, Mumbai

Prot3ct, Mumbai

NGO Finance Network (NFN), Mumbai

Aharved, Mumbai

Association of Supply Chain Professionals, India

Krrish Infraspace, Mumbai

Cinta Medtech, Mumbai

Workloft, Mumbai (Rebranding)

Midas Architectural Systems, Mumbai

The Health Orange, Mumbai

RGames, Mumbai

Bon Evento, Mumbai

Aria, Mumbai

Zell Education, Mumbai

MNSH, Mumbai

Globextra, Mumbai

MPCPL, Indore

Cafe Kulture, Indore

Pratik Rao, Canada – Vacation with an artist

Ultra Media & Entertainment, Mumbai

Website Design

Twee in One, India

Gopalpur Industrial Park (TATA Steel SEZ) (In association with Copylove)

Sonal Holland, Mumbai

India Wine Awards, Mumbai

Shamoly Khera, Dubai

Speak to Inspire, Dubai

Visteria, Aurangabad 

Speech Debate India (Official partners US NSDA)

Actcelerate (in association with Copy Love)

Paani Foundation, Mumbai

Dove n Hawk, Mumbai

Ortus Consult, Mumbai

Wordberries, Mumbai

Workloft, Mumbai

App Design



It could be newsletters, e-mailers or simply landing pages.

Rostaa, Mumbai (in association with Howl)

EasyLeazy, Mumbai: Website art direction

Pixylz, Delhi: Landing page

The Hotel Firm, Mumbai: E-mailer Design

Emaar India (in association with Word Berries)


Mentor To Go, Bangalore (For mobile app)

RK Industries, Mumbai (For merchandie)

Brainologi, Mumbai (For Education Kit)

Ruglas, Mumbai (For website)

FattandFab, Mumbai (For website)

Motion Graphics

SBI Life, Mumbai

Paani Foundation, Mumbai

Baby Chakra, Mumbai

Fixy, Mumbai

Hobbmob, Delhi

Product Videos

Borosil, India

Merchandise Design

IndianRaga, Boston, USA (For merchandise)

Kitabkhana, Mumbai : Illustrated Bag Design


Contributing to the society, with what we do best:

Angel Express Foundation, India

Brand Development

For these brands, we have designed multiple peripherals leading to an entire brand development.

Maharaja Bhog, Mumbai

Cleanovo, India

Sarah Todd, Australia

Project Parade, India

Twee in One, India

Speak to Inspire, Dubai

Organic Riot, Mumbai

Layers, Mumbai

Kidsventure, Mumbai

Bion Essentials: Ultra Beuaty Care, Aurangabad

The Hotel Firm, Mumbai

Titli, Mumbai

Ortus Consult, Mumbai

Corvus, Mumbai

Visteria, Aurangabad

Kalash Kriti, Indore

Editorial: Books and Print peripherals

Annual Report of Castrol India (for Wordhatter)

Ola Mobility Institute, India

5asec, India

Godrej, India (in association with Falguni Shah)

FICCI, India (in association with Copy Love)

Bridge Data Centres, Singapore

Paani Foundation, Mumbai

Borosil, India

Greenr, New Delhi: Menu Design

Chinamaya Mission, Kolkata

Association of Supply Chain Professionals, India

Bio Setter, London

Anlage, India

Krrish Infraspace, Mumbai

Ramnath Realty Group, Mumbai

Asian Markets Securities Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Ocean Blue, Mumbai

FlaxMax, Mumbai

Improv Comedy, Mumbai

Best Roadways, Mumbai

IEEC, Mumbai (in association with Copy Love)

Kshitij, Kolkata

Ultra Beauty Care Pvt Ltd, Aurangabad

Zanuff, Mumbai

Learning Synapses, Mumbai

Kombuchai for Druids, Mumbai

Presentation Decks

Baby Chakra, Mumbai

SOHO Wine Club, Mumbai

Wordhatter, Mumbai

Machhar group of Industries, Aurangabad

MCM Cladding, Mumbai

Stones 2 Milestones, Mumbai

Ola Mobility Institue, India

Nature Nuskha, Aurangabad

Unpac, Mumbai

Space Design

BKT (Bal Krishna Industries), India

Greenr, New Delhi

Paani Foundation, Mumbai: Stage Design


Maharaja Bhog, India

The Organic Riot, Mumbai

Maped, India

Prot3ct, Mumbai

Raaso, Mumbai

The Paper Company

Kombuchai for Druids, Mumbai

Glutaglow, Mumbai

Corvus, Mumbai

Copystar, Mumbai

Brainologi, Mumbai

Jeva: Orb International, Mumbai

WriteRite, Mumbai

Neeraw (in association with Holotech)

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