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Redesiging the recipe

Maharaja Bhog is a premium thali restaurant across the globe. The brand required a story to tell and bind the brand at all levels. We gave Maharaja Bhog a brand new international looking idenitity, connecting it's story with the lotus symbol. 

The lotus story has been portrayed in the form of five frames that will form a part of the interiors of future restuarants.

Brand language

We borrowed colours from their old logo, derived patterns from its new lotus symbol and gave the brand a language to be conistently followed across all platforms and geographic areas.

A brand manual details out all these guidelines for the brand.  


Along with serving thali, Maharaja Bhog also offers a take away pack. 

We called it "Thali in a Box" and designed its packaging.

Similar to that we also designed "Snack in a Box" which is a smaller snack box.


We not just designed the regular brand stationery but also the gift card and the gift voucher that can be used by the brand for promotion activities. 

The gift card is an exclusive concept where the gift is 1 complimentary thali for the presenter. It has been specifically designed in the shape of a thali to portray the idea.


We designed Media templates and guidelines to be followed by the brands advertising agency.

A press wall has been designed that can be used by the brand for press events, covering the store front while it's under renovation/construction and as a photography/selfie wall inside the restaurants.

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