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This brand sells clothing with a concept. The clothes are reversible and convertible. The same garment has two sides with two distinct looks and a few may have more than 2. Such a unique story must come across within the name of the brand. And so, we named it:


Twee in the dutch language means '2'. The designer Niti has had a strong connect with Europe since the idea was born in Milan. So a European language fit the jigsaw perfectly.


We designed the entire brand for Twee In One. We began with a simple logo that has the concept of reversing within the letters EE and continued this to the symbol created with the same letters E.

The visiting cards reverse too and the tags has its own reverse story.

The reversal of the clothes is so mind boggling that we couldn't confuse the audience more with a reversible look book. And so we made a clean simple one that focuses on the collection and the clothes.

Visual Concept

We want every visual link of the brand to speak about the concept of the brand. And so we conceptualised the photography for the first collection with a reversible concept. The campaign images use mirrors to show the idea of one garment, two sides.

All media creatives are made to ensure they tell the story of reversal.

Disclaimer: Photography was not executed by Chromatick team.

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